In chinese philosophy, health is dependant upon the smooth flow of Qi  (energy) through the system of channels called meridians, which run just  beneath the surface of the skin.  There are many factors that can upset  this natural flow of Qi and one of the main ones is living in the world  today with all its demands and stress that it places upon us.  The  stress of modern day life is often in conflict with trying to live a  natural, healthy life.  We are all part of nature and the natural laws  that govern new life, growth, maturity and harverst effect us in the  same way it effects plants and animals.  Five Element Acupuncture is one  way that can help restore that connection to nature and its healing  powers.

Here's a link to an article written by my teacher, Nora Franglen, on "What is Five Element Acupuncture?"

Your treatment will be individual to your needs.  The first consultation  and treatment will last about 1.5 - 2 hours and will be a time to  discover as much as I can about who you are and which one of the five  elements seems to be your Guardian element.  Subsequent treatments will  last about 45 minutes and will focus on treating you and your guardian  element.  The prices below are for the two clinics I work from.  The  lower price is for the Blackheath Clinic. 

Initial consultations -  £90 - £100
Follow up treatments  - £60 - £70

Here is what one of my patients has kindly volunteered to say about coming for treatment with me:

"I always feel great after a visit to Guy.  He is wonderful.  He  provides such a calming environment and just listens to whatever I have  to say and treats me accordingly.  It doesn't matter whether the problem  is physical or emotional, I always come away feeling better.  I really  look forward to my sessions with Guy." Vicki