After  graduating from The School of Five Element Acupuncture (SOFEA) in May  2002, I went on to become a tutor at the School until it closed in  2007.  I enjoyed teaching this amazing system of medicine that I was  lucky to be able to teach at The College of Traditional Acupuncture in  Warwick and at the London institute of Five Element Acupuncture in  London.  

Currently I am a faculty member of The Acupuncture  Academy in Leamington Spa and at the Academy of Five Element  Acupuncture in Norway, which both offer a three-year undergraduate  training in Five Element Acupuncture.  I have also taught in Singapore, Australia and Switzerland as well as running post-graduate training  with Nora Franglen and SOFEA Acupuncture.  

I first went to Nanning, China in April 2013 to  support Nora Franglen and SOFEA Acupuncture in offering five element  acupuncture to The Nanning traditional medicine centre and the Tong You San He Foundation. Since then I have continued going to China twice a year and now also teach in Beijing, Chengdu and Nanning. This is us and the group of students on the first day in April 2013:

I returned to China in November 2013  with Mei and together we ran another two-week course in five element  acupuncture.  Here is the group photo from that trip: 

I have now visited Nanning twice in  2014 and here is the group photo from the most recent visit in  November.  We are planning our next visit to Nanning in April 2015. 

Here's the group photo from my last visit to Nanning in April 2015: