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After graduating from The School of Five Element Acupuncture (SOFEA) in May 2002, I went on to become a tutor at the School until it closed in 2007.  I enjoyed teaching this amazing system of medicine that I was lucky to be able to teach at The College of Traditional Acupuncture in Warwick and at the London institute of Five Element Acupuncture in London.  Currently I am a faculty member of The Acupuncture Academy in Leamington Spa and at the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture in Norway, which both offer a three-year undergraduate training in Five Element Acupuncture.  I also run post-graduate training at SOFEA Acupuncture, which is based in Harley Street, London. I went  to Nanning, China in April 2013 to support Nora Franglen and SOFEA Acupuncture in offering five element acupuncture to The Nanning traditional medicine centre, Tong You San He. This is us and the group of students on the first day in April 2013: 

I returned to China in November 2013 with Mei and together we ran another two-week course in five element acupuncture.  Here is the group photo from that trip:

I have now visited Nanning twice in 2014 and here is the group photo from the most recent visit in November.  We are planning our next visit to Nanning in April 2015.

Here's the group photo from my last visit to Nanning in April 2015:

I can offer point location feedback sessions in London for any students training in acupuncture and I am available for individual or group teaching for anyone or any organisation that would like to know more about five element acupuncture. Please use the contact form if you are interested in  arranging some point location practice with me.
This is some feedback I received from an acupuncturist that attended one of my Clinical Skills Day at Harley Street:

"I have undertaken several CPD days with Guy at SOFEA in London and have found him to be an excellent tutor. On each occasion, the group consisted of students and qualified practitioners of very mixed ability, experience and training background, and several were of different nationalities where English was not their main language. He was able to communicate perfectly with everyone within the group, and managed to pitch his level of tuition to suit all, whilst keeping the whole day light-hearted and interesting, and ensuring that each person felt included at all times. He was very open to questions and extremely forthcoming with his responses. He was also very flexible in his approach in that we were invited on the day to put forward our ideas of specific topics which we wanted him to cover.

As well as being an excellent tutor, Guy is also an extremely knowledgeable and experienced practitioner who shows considerable empathy towards his patients.

It has been a real privilege to have had the opportunity to enhance my own skills with the help of Guy as my tutor at his Clinical Skills CPD days."

Jo - Acupuncturist

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